3M™ Safety-Walk™ - Direction for Use

Surface preparation Instrutions :

1. Make sure surgace is clean, dry, smooth and avove minimum application temprérature whe 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Slipe resistent material. repair or replace any broken or damaged surface.

Minimum application tempreratures :

General Purpose
Medium Resilient
40°F / 4°C

2. Remove chipped, cracked or peiiled paint prior to applying Safety-Salk material.

3. Remove loose residue from surface

4. Floor finish should be removed from floor prior to application.

5. referring to the SURFACE PREPARATION TABLE, use appropriate cleaner or solvent wipe to clean surface. After cleaning, allow to dry thoroughly.

Priming instructions

1. Prime clean, dry surfaces
with 3M™ Safety-Walk™
Primer, especially :

a. Uncoated concrete surfaces.

b. Coated, painted or porous concrete if surface is excessively rough.

c. Other porous surfaces.

2. Priming Instructions

a. Properly clean the surface following "Surface Preparation" procedures.

b. Use a paint brush to apply a thin coat or Safety-Walk primer where treads are to be placed.

c. Allow the primed area to dry thoroughly (no evidence of stickiness or tackiness) before applying Safety-Walk slip-resistant material. Approximate drying time is 15 minutes.

Application Instructions :

Tools Needed :

Rubber Hand Roller or Rubber Mallet

1. Individual pieces should be spaced a minimum of 1/2" apart and a maximum of 2 apart.

2. Round the corners of any pieces cut from rolls.

3. Peel protective liner back bout 2" frome one end and position piece on surface. IMPORTANT : Minimize touching adhesive with fingers.

4. Continue to remove liner. Press firmly in place as liner removed

5. For small pieces : Peel liner off piece. Holding piece by its edges, curve it gently with the adhesive side out.
Align the middle of the piece over the middle of the target surface and press down.

6. Finally, press into firm contact with surface using a rubber hand roller by starting in middle and rolling out towards edges.

7. For applying 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Conformable Tapes and Treads, use a soft-headed rubber mallet to ensure product conformability to surface.
Pound edges extra hard.

8. On steps, apply Safety-Walk material 1/2" from stair edge to prevent edge curl and premature wear.

Maintenance Instructions :

• To maintain product effectiveness, the application should be inspected periodically.

• To ensure that Safety-Walk slip-resistant materials are kept free of dirt and other residue that might impair functionality :

- General Purpose and conformable tapes and treads should be deck brushed rgularly.
- Fine and Medium resilient treads should be mopped or deck brushed regularly.

• Use appropriate degreaser / cleaner as a genaral maintenance liquid to keep material and surrounding surfaces dirt and grease free.

• To remove and replace worn or torn material :

- Start by pulling up old material. Use of a heat gun may assit in this process.

- after removal of old material. Use 3M™ Citrus Base Industrial Cleaner or an equivalent product to soften adhesive residue and allow scraping of surface in preparation for product replacement.

Important for Proper Application and Service Life

1. All surfaces must be clean, dry and at recommended temperature before applying product.

2. rough or porous surfaces must be primed with 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Primer for proper adhesion.

3. 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Rubber hand Roller should be used to assure a firm bond when applying all Safety-Walk slip-resistant.

4. For extra protection from excessive moisture or liquids, use 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Edge Sealing Compound. Safety-Walk slip resistant materials are not recommended for continuous immersion in water.

5. Safety-Walk material can be applied on most painted surfaces which are in good condition. Safety-Walk material will adhere as well as the base paint. Painted surfaces must be thoroughly dry before application of Safety-Walk slip-resistant material.

6. Treated or untreated wood must be painted prior to application of Safety-Walk slip-resistant material.

7. Do not apply Safety-Walk material aver surfaces with constant water contact or moisture seepage.

8. Do not apply Safety-Walk material aver grouting. Also, avoid cracks in concrete and breaks in all surfaces.

9. Safety-Walk slip-resistant materials are not recommended for qurarry tile in commercial kitchens.

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